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Author Talk: Agnes Bushell

Thursday, May 23rd, 7pm​

The House on Perry Street is the story of a house in Greenwich Village, New York, and the five generations of women, all members of the same family, who have lived there since its construction in the 1870's: Ada, adventurous and ambitious, who inherited the house in 1878; her daughter, Julia, suffragist, union organizer, and political agitator; Julia’s daughter, Lydia, patron of the arts and reigning matriarch; Lydia’s daughter, Nora, 1960's peace activist and folk singer; and her daughter, Marina, an unemployed art historian. Filled with an array of vivid and eccentric characters from the railway men of the Gilded Age and foot soldiers of the Indian Wars to Wobblies, Bolsheviks, suffragists, artists, bohemians, hippies and religious mystics, The House on Perry Street is a matriarchal epic from a writer who has been charting the American political, social and cultural landscape since the appearance of Local Deities in 1990.

Founded in 1975 by members of the Portland Women’s Group, Littoral Books was dedicated to seeking out and publishing the work of Maine women writers. With funding from the Maine Arts Commission, it published two books of poetry, Balancing Act, an anthology of Maine women poets, and Mustard Gas, by Frances Rugg. Littoral Books was one of the founding presses of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.

​In 2017, several of the original founders decided to relaunch Littoral Books as a Maine publisher of quality books in a variety of genres by exceptional writers, poets, artists, and photographers, regardless of their gender or place of residence.

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