Book, Plant & Green Elephant Sale

Saturday, June 1st, 9am - 1pm

Do you have perennials, seedlings, gardening items or books to donate? Donations can be dropped off at the library. Contact the library if you or your neighbor need a hand transplanting.


Support NGPL by sharing your spreading perennials. Drop them off at the library & we'll keep them watered until the sale. Or call us and we'll schedule a time to come to you to separate your plants to donate.

What's a Green Elephant?

NOW is the time to donate your plants, seeds and “gently used” garden/backyard items such as garden tools, ceramic/clay pots, yard art, garden equipment, wheel barrels and small patio furniture so that they can become someone else’s treasures!

For more info or to donate call 207-892-2575 or email

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